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The Town of Clayton has adopted a resolution to conduct a town-wide assessment equity improvement project for all properties within the Town. This project is designed to continue to create and maintain fair and equitable property assessments for the 2023 tax roll. To assist in this effort, GAR Associates LLC has been hired as the contractor and will be working closely with Town Assessor Kimberli Johnston.

The goal of this project is to create and maintain fair and equitable property assessments at 100% of full market value. 

Beginning in late Spring 2022, GAR staff will begin reviewing each property to gather property inventory characteristics. GAR Staff will be taking digital photo(s) of the exterior of all improved parcels. Staff will attempt to capture photographs from the public right of way however, staff may need to access a driveway to capture the photograph.

While in the field, GAR STAFF WILL BE IN POSESSION OF PROPER IDENTIFICATION AT ALL TIMES. The town assessment office, as well as local police agencies, will have a list of all GAR staff vehicles.

GAR will host a dedicated helpline for those with questions about the project.

For more information about this project, please call GAR Associates (contractor) at: 1-866-910-1776 (Monday – Friday 9am-4pm)

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