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Clayton Comprehensive Land Use Plan Survey Questions

SurveyHeader2A duly appointed committee is overseeing this process and hopes to submit a draft of the revised Comprehensive Plan to the Town and Village Boards by 2016. The Committee would like to know what type of development the residents would like and where this development should occur, and so a survey was developed.

Completing the survey the Committee developed is one of the ways to allow residents the opportunity to provide input into the process. Several questions will be area-specific while others will be more general in addressing a variety of topics usually associated with future community planning. The Comprehensive Plan should reflect the ideas and opinions of the community’s residents. EVERY Clayton resident and/or property owner is invited to complete this survey.

Each person may submit the survey once. Your survey responses will be kept confidential. Please submit your completed survey by Friday, May 7th.

Supervisor position on Town Manager

April 8, 2015

Based on the feedback that we as a board have received from the meetings on July28th, February 25th and March 25, phone calls, emails and personal conversations, I am recommending to the Board that we not take action on the “Town Manager” position at this time.

We should see what if any tasks and duties can be redirected to Board Members, staff and Department Heads.

This could include identifying each project that we have, the Board Member, Department Head or Staff member responsible for the oversight, daily management and administration of those projects.

We should reevaluate the position in its entirety to include, educational qualifications, residency, skill sets and title of a potential candidate.

There is consensus that we need to provide the resources of staff or consultants to make sure that Clayton maintains itself as the most forward thinking and efficient local governments in the region.

Again with this said I recommend that we take no action.

Supervisors Position on why we need a Town Manager

Position of Town Supervisor Justin A. Taylor on March 25, 2015, relating to the Town Manager

Position of Town Supervisor Justin A. Taylor on March 25, 2015, relating to the Town Manager. As I prepare for the public meeting on Wednesday night I thought you might be interested as the following questions have been raised as to “What has Changed in the Town Of Clayton Government” and “Why do we need this position” and what is the “Succession Plan”?  
  • First, it is important to establish that Clayton is one of the most complex towns in Jefferson County. It also has the highest assessed value in the County.
  • Also, it should be noted that the 1998 Comprehensive Plan, Goal E, on page 54, states “Also look into the benefits of a system where an Administrator is hired by the Board to manage the municipality”.

After reflecting on the question “what has changed”, a very good question by the way, these are my initial thoughts, I will go back to 2005/2006 when Bob Cantwell was the Full Time Supervisor.

Read the Complete Supervisor’s Position on a Town Manager

Draft Qualifications – Appointment – Powers and duties of Town Manager Position

Town Manager Proposal PP Final

Chaumont River Corridor Waterfront Revitalization Strategy

Pages from Final Chaumont River Corridor WRS FINAL-2
The Chaumont River Corridor Waterfront Revitalization Committee presents the final draft of the Chaumont River Corridor Waterfront Revitalization Strategy, made possible through a grant from the NYS Department of State Local Waterfront Revitalization Program.  Formed in 2013, the Committee composed of community members and elected officials from the partner communities of the Town of Clayton, Town of Lyme and Town of Orleans have worked diligently with consultant Ingalls Planning and Design to create this planning tool.  The document is a compilation of research and several public workshops and provides the partner communities with a pathway to a shared community corridor vision, shared goals and identified projects, as well as potential funding opportunities, for each community.  You can view the report at this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw7R_6eVMz64aGhON3dkOEVURWM/view?usp=sharing


News Release, January 22, 2015
For Immediate Release Thursday, January 22, 2015
Contact: Terra L Bach (315) 686-3512, ext. 20 or tlbach@townofclayton.com


Clayton, New York – Since June of 2014, the Clayton Town Board and Joint Town/Village of Clayton Planning Board have been reviewing five possible amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, including revisions to the Marine Residential and Marine Development district boundaries along the North side of the NYS Route 12 and NYS Route 12E corridor. As a part of this review process which has spanned over six months, the Town of Clayton has held three public hearings which have provided the Town Board with an opportunity to hear from both those whom support the amendments, as well as those residents and taxpayers with concerns regarding the proposed changes.

Be assured, the Town Board has the best interests of the Town of Clayton in mind. With that, the Board understands the importance of making educated decisions and allowing the public to weigh in on decisions that have the capacity to change the small town fabric of our community. The Town of Clayton Board will not make a hasty decision on any of these proposals. Further, the Board will not make any decision that would not align with our existing zoning- and planning-related policies, including the Joint Town/Village of Clayton Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP), Joint Town/Village of Clayton Comprehensive Plan and the Scenic Overlay District review requirements, which were also developed with a significant amount of public participation.

Resoundingly, the Board has found that when given the opportunity to speak directly to those individuals expressing concern, allowing them the opportunity to ask questions about the proposals and to clear up any possible misunderstandings, a majority find themselves supporting the proposals.

There has been no date established for voting on these zoning proposals. At this time, we would anticipate that a minimum of one additional public hearing would occur prior to any vote. When a date has been established for this public hearing, notice will be provided in the public notice section of the Thousand Islands Sun, as well as on the Town of Clayton website at www.townofclayton.com.

In the meantime, we have, and will continue to, provide ample opportunity for our residents and taxpayers to voice their opinions, and as such we invite you to contact us directly with your questions and comments regarding the pending zoning amendments. You may reach the Town Supervisor at 315-686-3512, ext. 20 or at jataylor@townofclayton.com, and Town Board Members respectively, Lance Peterson at petersonllc1@gmail.com, Chris Matthews at cmsandgate@gmail.com, Robert Cantwell III at bobby@cantwell.us, and Mary Zovistoski at mzovistoski@gmail.com.

Zoning maps available to view at the bottom of the Zoning page. Please click this link and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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